Rose Island

Rose Island is a secluded private island located just 25 minutes (by boat) off the coast of Nassau. This beautiful and amazing island was once owned by Claude Turner until as of 2005 and was home to pineapple plantations centuries ago. The island, which is only 11-miles long, is considered as one of the best beach locations near Nassau and the Bahamas. Located to the east of Nassau, it is a quick trip to and from Rose Island and we highly recommend it. Here is what a day trip to Rose Island can look like:

Board Your Luxury Yacht

Your Private boat charter Bahamas itinerary is completely up to you and your group but here is a sample itinerary. Start your full-day or half day charter with a welcoming drink and food onboard (per vessel accommodations). As you will start the short ride, you will get to see protected wildlife areas and Jay-Z and Beyonce’s house. We will also take you by the little island that was used in a shot in the movie “Gilligan’s Island”. After a short 25-minute yacht ride, we will reach Rose Island that boasts private white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters known for world-class snorkeling experiences.

Explore White Sandy Beaches

Rose Island was used as a filming location in the 1965 James Bond movie “Thunderball.” Experience its under-water scenery or soak in the beautiful Bahaman sun.

  • Start your beach adventure with the island’s northern beach - First Beach Local boaters call it a graveyard because of the previous boat mishaps that happened here. This beach looks different every time you come here,due to the fact that the waves change the shape of the beach and the coral reef formations. Walk, relax, or snorkel to the active shoals.
  • Footprints Beach which has a bar and grill for you to hang out with family and friends. At this beach, you can partake in beach volleyball or lounge in its’ beaches for a calm and peaceful experience. If you want to stay here and experience the nightlife of this small beach, you can rent one of the beach cottages. This location is available subject to charter.
  • If you are a party goer, go to Sandy Toes Beach on a Sunday. Many small boats and large yachts come to this beach for a relaxing getaway. At the top of the hilltop, there are plenty hammocks to lounge and relax on. From Sandy Toes Beach, you can easily get to a low-tide beach called Low Harbour Beach. This beach can be a perfect beaching option for your group.This location is available subject to charter.
  • MacTaggart’s Beach is located on the eastern side of Rose Island. This is a large beach but has no amenities. No need to worry though, we will have food and beverages for you. This is a secluded beach. Explore it well with our experienced captain and crew. Leave the beach before sunset. Ride back to Nassau while watching the glorious sun go down the horizon. This location is available subject to charter.

Enjoy Snorkeling

At Yacht Charters Nassau, we provide snorkeling gear to our guestsso that they canexplore the underwater world of this private island. As you swim off the shore, you get to see beautiful coral reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish in their natural habitat. While snorkeling here, you might get to see Nassau Grouper, Blue Marlin, Barracuda, Lionfish, Blue Tang, Spiny Lobster and much more.

Go for kayaking or swimming

At Yacht Charters Nassau, we have experienced crew members who will cater to your needs and requests. Relax, snorkel, bring out the watertoys and spend the day as you please.

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