Green Cay

Swim with Sea Turtles in Green Cay

One of the majestic marine animals of the North Atlantic Ocean is the sea turtle and the best place to enjoy swimming with this beautiful creature is in Green Cay. Located just 4 miles away from Paradise Island and 8 miles from Nassau, Green Cay is a sanctuary for turtles. This is a small uninhabited cay situated near Rose Island. At Yacht Charters Nassau, we provide luxury yacht charters to help you cruise through the Nassau waters and reach this magnificent place for snorkeling and enjoying some time with sea turtles. The cool turquoise shallow waters and coral reefs abundant with marine life will make you fall in love with the Bahamas. The shallow waters of Green Cay are home to an abundance of seagrass. These seagrass beds are the feeding and breeding habitat for sea turtles and other marine animals.

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Swimming with sea turtles is an incredible experience. These turtles are large and weigh up to 300-350 pounds. As they are found in the shallow waters of Green Cay, you can glide through the water along with these graceful marine creatures. After your life’s most memorable swim with marine life, you can snorkel to explore the most beautiful coral reefs of the Bahamas. You may get a glimpse of nurse sharks, barracuda, spot conches, spotted eagle rays and more. Our private yacht charters are equipped with water toys. We have professional guides onboard to help you discover the beauty of the underwater world. Escape the hustle and bustle of Nassau in luxury and style aboard one of our luxurious yachts and create the best vacation in Green Cay and nearby island - Rose Island.

Rose Island is located close to Green Cay and a 20-minute boat ride away from Nassau, but offers an abundance of water activities for guests. When you’re done swimming with friendly turtles, explore miles of the unspoiled white sandy beach of Rose Island. Enjoy local food and drinks at Footprints Beach Bar & Grill. Capture the stunning scenery around to take these special moments back to reality.

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