Considered as one of the “25 Sexiest Beaches in the World” by For bes Traveler and ranked as the “Best Secret Island On the Earth” by Travel and Leisure, Eleuthera is a one of a kind, island. With turquoise and blue colored waters, pink sand beaches, secret coves, ancient coral reefs, rich flora and fauna, wonderful views and absolute tranquility, Eleuthera is known for providing an unforgettable Bahamas vacation experience. Located 80 km east of Nassau, this charming island is a group of small islands, which include Harbour Island, Man Island, Windermere Island and Current Island. Get ready for a memorable vacation with Yacht Charters Nassau as we will take you to this wonderful island and help you explore the unique charm and beauty of Eleuthera.

Top Places to visit in Eleuthera

  • Princess Cays: If you love adventurous sports, this island is perfect for you. From kayaking, banana boating, paddle boarding, skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, to wave running, you can enjoy every kind of water sport here. Hire a cabana and enjoy ocean front views when you visit this tourist resort.
  • The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve: This 25-acre Preserve features wood land coppice, a mangrove forest, a hardwood forest and wetlands. You will find a variety of native flora as well as birds and butterflies.
  • Preacher's Cave: This is a large and unique cave located east of Gene's Bay. Called Eleutheran Adventures, this cave is used for picnics and other social outings. You can enjoy strolling around the white sandy beach located nearby.
  • Harbour Island: Situated 2 miles from Eleuthera and 60 miles from Nassau, Harbour Island boasts pink sand beaches, coral reefs on the outskirts of the ocean water for snorkeling and swimming and vast stretches of pineapple fields. This island is perfect for anglers and people who love diving, snorkeling, sailing and other water sports activities. Top attractions of Harbour Island include Pink Sand Beach, Dunmore Town and Briland’s Blue Hole.
  • Man Island: It has scenic beaches and cliffs that line the shore. Visit this undeveloped island if you are looking for a peaceful time in the Bahamas.
  • Windermere Island: Is a private gated island community with a 5-mile long private sandy beach that can be accessed only by residents and guests. You can visit this island if you've booked one of the vacation rentals here. Some vacation homes that you can consider are Sea Shell, Indigo, Ho Hum, Provender, Ocean Daze, etc.
  • Current Island: This island is separated from Eleuthera by a channel called the Current Cut. This site is often used for diving. If you are a bird lover, you can see Bahama swallow, black-whiskered vireo, Bahama bananaquit, Bahama ground dove, Bahaman bullfinch and more.
  • Gregory Town: Also known as the Pineapple City, Gregory Town boasts steep hillsides, an amazing harbor and beautiful views. Here, you can visit the pineapple fields, Guarding Cay Beach, Thompson Monument, Hatchet Bay Cave and Twin Sisters Beach.

Best Beaches of Eleuthera

  • Surfer’s Beach: As the name suggests, this beach draws in people who love surfing. Located 2 miles from Gregory Town, you can visit this wave-riding destination during your Eleuthera trip.
  • Pink Sand Beach: The most popular beach stretches for more than three miles and 5,100 feet wide. The extraordinary pink color of the beach comes from microscopic coral insects called For aminifera. With shallow and calm waters, the beach is safe for snorkeling and swimming.
  • Lighthouse Beach: This beach features soft, blush-rose sand and is nestled on rock shores hidden behind sand dunes. It is surrounded by two bodies of water- Exuma Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, making it great for snorkeling.
  • Ten Bay Beach: If you love beach bumming and just want to relax during your vacation, head to Ten Bay Beach. This beach has soft white sand with low tides.
  • French Leave Beach: This is also a pink sand beach known for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Rent a golf cart to stroll on the beach or just walk.
  • Other Beaches: Authur's Beach, Deep Creek Beach, Gaulding Cay, James Cistern Beach, North Palmetto Point Beach, Paradise Beach, South Palmetto Point Beach and Winding Bay Beach.

Best Hotels and Restaurants in Eleuthera

  • Hotels: Eleuthera boasts a range of resort villas and cottages, from basic to sensational. Some of the top hotels to stay are Royal Island Resort, Hotel CTI, Spanish Wells Yacht Haven & Resort Exterior, Vacation Time Suites, Bahama Breeze Hotel, Thompson's Seaside Villas, Bay Inn Estates, French Leave Resort, The Rainbow Inn, Sir Charles Guest House, Dunmore Beach Club, Runaway Hill Club, Pink Sands Hotel, Coral Sands Hotel, Surfer’s Manor Hotel, Valentines Resort and Marina, Northside Ocean Resort and more.
  • Restaurants: Whether you want to taste Bahamian style local dishesor wish to enjoy fine dining, you can find everything here. You can find fresh fish, steak, lobster, pizza and any drink you want. Top restaurants where you can truly taste Bahamian cuisines are Tippy’s Restaurant, Harbour Pointe Restaurant & Barracuda's Bar, Dunmore Deli, Da Perk Cafe, A&T Restaurant, The Shipyard Restaurant & Bar, and Seaside Breeze Restaurant & Bar among others.

Things to do in Eleuthera

  • Snorkeling and Diving: Eleuthera is filled with amazing coral reefs, wreck sites, caves and dive sites. You can hire a luxury charter and visit Pineapple Dock, Sea Fan Gardens, Gaulding’s Cay, Oleander Reef, Blue Hole, Bird Cay, Current Cut, and Paradise Beach. You will find soft corals, sea anemones, barracuda, gorgonians, parrotfish, schooling jacks, bonefish and many tropical fish here.
  • Swimming and Relaxing: As mentioned earlier, Eleuthera has been rated as one of the sexiest beaches in the world. You will find plenty of beaches and spots to swim and relax. From Pink Sand Beach, Ten Bay Beach to Paradise Beach, go to any of these places for a day full of relaxation.
  • Fishing: Eleuthera offers plenty of fishing opportunities, from bonefishing to deep-sea fishing. You can catch blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna, blue and white marlin, red snapper, black snapper, mahi-mahi and sailfish.
  • Other sports: From underwater exploration to wave running, Eleuthera will never disappoint you if you are an adventure enthusiast. Definitely try parasailing, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking and jet skiing on your vacation here.

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