Andros Island

Get Lost in The Nature of Andros Island with Yacht Charters Nassau

If you love to explore nature and experience an adventure fueled destination than we highly recommend you hire a Private boat charter in the Bahamas. It is among the highly sought out destinations of the world.

Andros Island is an idiosyncratic travel location that gives you access to the most gratifying natural wonders of the world. Check out our travel guide to plan your next vacation with Yacht Charters Nassau.

Why Should Plan for Andros island?

Andros Island lies 40-kilometer west of New Providence Island and about 200-kilometer east-southeast of Florida (the U.S.). This is the only place in the Bahamas which holds both mysterious and astonishing natural wonders both on land and in the sea. The large stretch of the islet is primarily unpopulated and undeveloped and divided into three parts - South Andros, Mangrove Cay and North Andros. Intricate creeks, pine forests, deserted beaches, rich cultural legacy, mangrove flats, underwater cave systems, largest coral reefs and many other unique details make Andros Island a top destination we highly recommend you visit.

At Yacht Charters Nassau, we are here to provide you a brilliant holiday experience and assist you in discovering this beautiful Bahaman island. From stunning nature to the friendly locals, we can help you to experience all the best features of Andros. We provide luxury vessel options, destination information, custom itineraries and 5-star experiences to deliver the world’s best yacht charters.

Top Attractions of Andros Island:

Mysterious Blue Holes:

Andros is known to have the largest collection of intricate cave systems in the world that was created over thousands of years. The blue holes are deep sinkholes with large circular entrances. These holes are different shades of blue due to the contrast between the deep caves and the surrounding light shallow areas.

Andros Island is a unique islet with 178 blue holes on land and approx. 30 in the sea. These holes are the home for unusual cavefish. Various marine species have been found within these blue holes. It is an attraction for divers from all around the world.

Mythical Underwater Creatures:

A visit to experience and visualize these“mythical” creatures will make your blue holes visit mesmerizing and extraordinary. These animals consist of the following; Lusca - the half-octopus and half-shark and Chick charnkey - the large bird-like creature remains the center of attraction. Lusca is a gigantic underwater creature that dwells in the depth of the blue holes. Sightings of the large bird-like creature atop pine trees are still reported.

Fishing for Bonefish:

Unlike any other type of fishing or activity, bonefishing is considered a sport. Andros Island is among the best bonefishing areas in the Bahamas. Due to the immense population that reside here, bonefishing is encouraged. During your charter, we will teach you how to bonefish and show you the Bahaman ways.

Largest National Park System:

This National park system is one of the best tourist attractions on Andros island, famous for dense mangroves, magnificent pines and amazingly endless flats of pristine blue water.

It is one of the largest Marine life,protected area in the Western Atlantic. Since the park is only accessible by a boat, Yacht Charters Nassau can easily add this destination onto your itinerary. This national park consists of 5 national parks- the Blue Holes National Park, the West Side National Park, Crab Replenishment Reserve and the North & South Marine Parks.

Best Things to Do During Your Andros Trip:

Exploring the Beauty of Beaches:

The island is also knownfor having the most unique beaches in the world. It has a coastline of 176 km,which makes it the second-largest island in the Cyclades. Beaches here have a unique coastal zone that satisfies the needs and wishes of all its’ visitors. Andros island has more than 80 sandy, easily accessible and organized beaches with beach bars and sunbeds. Grias Pidima, Achla, Zorkos, Ateni, Paraporti, Fellos, Kypri, Batsi and Neimporio are some of the most famous beaches with crystal clear blue waters.

Exploring the Underwater World of Android:

If you want to partake in scuba diving and snorkeling, Andros Island is surely the best locale to do so. It is renowned for pulling in thousands of travelers from different corners of the globe. The Andros barrier reef is the third-largest reef in the world. The reef drops to approximately 6,000 feet (in the tongue of the ocean) and 8 feet towards the island.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

Andros is not only famous for its attractions; it allures its tourists for fine dining and high-class accommodations as well. You can search for the best hotels and restaurants with no trouble. Sariza Spring Hotel, Casa Di Fiori Suites Andros, Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort, Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel, Ow Andros Luxury Suites and Aneroussa Beach Hotel are famous for providing the best accommodations to their tourists. O Kossis, OtiKalo, Mi se meli @Themelos, Mpalkonitou Aigaiou and Ta Binelikia are famous restaurants in Andros that provide delightful, gratifying and lip-smacking cuisines.

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