Anniversaries are always special. Whether it’s your first, 10th or 25th wedding anniversary,celebrate it in a unique way this year. Make it a romantic and memorable getaway with our private yacht boat charters in Nassau Bahamas. Cruise on the pristine waters of Nassau, soak in the breathtaking views of the island and indulge in the activities thatyou love, throw a memorable party for your guests or do nothing at all, it’s your anniversary, spend it the way you please. At Yacht Charters Nassau, we provide luxurious yachts and 5-star services to ensure you love every second of your charter in Nassau.

Anniversariesare special days that call for a special celebration of the beautiful relationship and incredible achievements that you both have achieved in your married life. Here are some anniversary celebration ideas aboard your private charter.

Intimate Celebration

Our yachts are designed to with luxury and comfortably in mind. We have specialized suites, a fully-stocked bar, staterooms, entertainment rooms, an open deck and much more. The celebration begins the moment you board our yacht. From fresh flowers, cake with a message, your favorite drinks to romantic background music, we arrange everything you need for an intimate celebration. Your private charter will sail to the destinations you want while you two celebrate your love and true commitment.

Private Gathering

We can arrange a private party with friends, family and loved ones while you get to enjoy, relax, and have fun together. Our crew and event planners will take care of catering, entertainment, and everything that you need for a private party aboard a private charter. Whether you are hosting a party for 30 or 100 guests, we have luxury yachts to cater to your party needs. With amazing sailing opportunities in Nassau, unparalleled beauty, unexplored covesand our 5-star services aboard our yacht charters, your guests will remember this party forever.

Romantic Anniversary Getaway

Why not make your anniversary celebration a romantic getaway. If you love adventurous activities, Nassau provides tremendous opportunities to explore the underwater world. You can try scuba diving & snorkeling, jet-skiing, kayaking, surfing and much more. You can discover the hidden beauty of Nassau through its beaches, islets, coves and islands. We will customize your itinerary to help you receive a remarkably different vacation experience. We are here to make your special day unforgettable and convert your dreams into a memorable celebration.

To learn the best places to visit in and around Nassau, check out our DESTINATIONS page here. To select a luxury yacht for your anniversary celebration, visit our FLEETCsection.

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