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The Bahamas have always lured seafarers and explorers for decades. Before that, traders and settlers also flocked here for its’ captivating beaches, waterfronts, and untouched scenic beauty. Book your private boat charters in Bahamas and boat rental in Bahamas with us now.

Thus if you have not been to the Bahamas before, the time is now! With more than 700 colorful and ethnic islands, this archipelago is home to an uncountable number of cays, reefs, dive spots, flora & fauna. Book a private boat charters in bahamas and boat rental in Bahamas. Give us a call to Book your private boat charters in Bahamas and boat rental in Bahamas.

Through out this time it has transformed itself into a fully functional travel destination with a lot to offer for sightseeing, water sporting, and sailing.

For an easy and well-designed exploration of these beautiful islands, hire a private luxury yacht charters Bahamas and boat rental in Bahamas from YachtChartersNassau. We have the best fleet for your one-day or multiple days sailing trip in the Bahamas.

Exploring the untouched and hidden sides of the Bahamas with Boat Rental Bahamas and Private Boat Charters in Bahamas

When you plan to tour a beach destination like the Bahamas, you cannot miss the opportunity to hire – a luxury boat rental in Bahamas and Private boat charter in Bahama.

Visit our website and book a boat charter Bahamas and private boat charters in Bahamas to start planning your dream trip today. You can also ask our captain to be your travel guide for this journey.

As our boat captains are skilled sailors and natives of the Bahamas, they know the island much better than anyone else. They will take you to the hidden cays, best anchorage points, and diving sites to explore places beyond regular travelers’ reach.

Please see below for a quick run-down of the best things to do, the best places to eat and the best yacht types to hire etc.

Things you need to know about the Bahamas before your trip

Within the Bahamas, there are exclusively two island chains to target.

  1. Exumas – an exclusive and lavish travel destination among party lovers and beach hoppers. North Exumas is a quintessential dream destination for adventure lovers, party people, and explorers. This island chain with up to 300 islands – hosts one of a kind adventures like swimming with sharks, diving in pristine spots, etc.
  2. Abacos – a secluded abode for solo travelers and private explorers. Located in Florida’s Southeast direction, it is home to more than 100 less travelled and beautiful islands. Unlike Exumas, this islands chain stays in seclusion from a bustling lifestyle. This Island chain provides you historical sites of colonial towns, golfing, and enjoying spa for relaxation.
  3. Rose Island – a beautiful private island which is known for its beaches. Rose Island is just 25 minutes away from the coast of Nassau and offers its’ visitors secluded private beaches. You can come here by boat and enjoy barbequing and partying with your group or partner.
  4. Green Cay - a popular island for sea turtles and flourishing marine life. Travelers generally come to Green Cay for swimming with sea turtles in shallow water and snorkeling. It is just 20-minute away from Rose Island and makes a must-visit.
  5. Central Exumas – an exotic beach location with an abundance of hidden caves, harbours, and sapphire-colored water. Sailing Central Exumas on a private yacht makes for an incredible experience. With credible yacht rental services, you can double the fun of your sailing adventure alongside swimming with Nurse Sharks.
  6. Eleuthera– one of the sexiest beaches and secret locations worldwide with pink sand, ancient coral reefs, and turquoise water. If you listen to experts, Eleuthera is one of the perfect party destinations in the Bahamas, situated 80km in the east of Nassau. Irrespective of other popular water sports, you can also enjoy parasailing, jet skiing, and kayaking here.
  7. Spanish Wells – Only accessible by private yacht or boat, this small settlement is a worthy one-day destination. Spanish Wells having great historical importance, is also popular for its sweet and helpful people, deep-sea fishing, beach strolling, and water sports.
  8. Harbour Island – a perfect place to satiate your hunger for beach strolling and lounging in water. With the perks of amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, Harbor Island is an island of many travelers’ choice. They come here to lie down on pink sand and visit brightly colored houses in Dunmore Town. So, plan your trip to Harbour Island, and you will experience some of the best moments of your life.
  9. Andros Island - an island of The Bahamas which is also the bonefish capital of the world. But, Andros Island is not only known for beyond-reef deep sea fishing. It is also popular for its green cover, Mangrove Cay, and underwater cave system. Located 40km from New Province Island in the west, it is most traveled for its natural bliss, intricate cave systems, 178 blue holes, mythical underwater creatures, and protected marine life.

The appropriate time to set sail in the Bahamas with Private Boat Charters Bahamas & Boat Rental Bahamas

The Bahamas is accessible all year round without any hindrance. This archipelago of 700 islands receives outstanding weather throughout the year, whether it is winter or summer.

The climate here shares great similarities with that of South Florida and makes perfect times to set sail.

However, travelers and explorers, visit during the spring and winter seasons more. We receive record-breaking yacht rental Bahamas requests during these seasons because the weather remains pleasant to explore the hidden sides of the Bahamas.

A to-do list to adorn your Bahamian itinerary

As you choose Private boat charter in Bahamas and boat rental in Bahamas to explore the archipelago, you get the freedom to personalize your itinerary and cut and extend the time consumption. Moreover, as you are on a charter with a Private chef and a well-trained staff to care for your needs, what can be best than this enthralling experience.

Therefore, keep the freedom intact in your hands and personalize your itinerary with private boat charters in Bahamas from YachtChartersNassau.

Here are some much-highlighted adventure activities which you can add to your travel itinerary.

  • Deep-sea fishing: While in the Bahamas, don’t miss the chance to wrestle with marlin. Ask your captain to take the yacht deep in the sea where fishing can be fun. You can enjoy deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, and reef fishing if your crew has great knowledge of popular fishing spots in the Bahamas.
  • Diving: The Bahamas host more than 20000 cays and reefs to enjoy deep dives and explore marine life. These reefs and cays are more like warm bathtubs where you can see real marine life moving across your length. Some famous cays to set sail are Treasure Cay, Elbow Cay, Pelican Cays & Sea Park, etc.
  • Golfing: In the Bahamas, you can enjoy golfing at exclusive golf clubs with sea views. There is also a course designed by Tiger Woods in New Province with extreme golfing facilities.
  • Kayaking: When on the beach, never say no to water sports. Who knows when you will get such pristine and clear waters with flourishing flora & fauna? Talk with your crew at boat rental Bahamas in advance and get prepared for water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, and water surfing.
  • Relaxing on beaches: While in the Bahamas, you can exceptionally spend your days getting tanned under the bright sun on the beach and watching miles of coastline with clear waters. You can also double the relaxation by ordering a Caribbean Cocktail to accompany you.
  • Anchoring under the open sky: Both Exumas and Abacos Islands Chains have some hidden anchorage spots to halt your journey for the night and lie on your boat under the open sky. If you are new to the Bahamas, ask your captain to take you to those spots.

Book the best Private Boat Charters Bahamas & Boat Rental Bahamas now with YachtChartersNassau

The Bahamas have opened borders again for foreign travel but with some small restrictions. Travelers are reaching the archipelago with yacht bookings done in advance. Therefore, who knows whether you get better deals at the last moment? Book your private boat charters and boat rental in Bahamas with us now.

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