Catering Food & Beverages

Most vessels come with three options available for food catering services. The first option is to bring your own choice of food for consumption, and this option is available to most if not all of the vessels that you charter with us. The second food option is food prepared prior to your arrival. Each guest that charters a vessel has a choice of sandwich trays, vegetable trays, fruit trays & dessert trays. See below.


The third option is for food prepared on board which ranges from a seafood sampler with Guacamole, Ceviche and other various food options for prepared sit down meals. The price varies depending on the food prepared, but a price will be given for your desired dish prior to yacht charter. Ask your charter specialist to see what foods are available for your specific charter.

There are several beverage options available when chartering with us. The first is to bring your own. The second is a variety of alcohol/drink packages to suit your needs. Your options will be better explained when speaking to a customer service representative and usually involve a complimentary blend of sodas, beers, bottle liquor, wine and champagne.