Travelers never seize to travel even in harsh weather conditions. But the trip should be eloquently planned. Similarly, if you are planning for Harbour Island in the winter, get the whole itinerary pretty straight. From booking the resort to stay to booking a reliable Harbour Island Yacht Charter, plan everything in advance and enjoy the whole trip without any hassle. 

Also, winter is already around the corner. Thus, start preparing for the trip a little soon so that you can enjoy most of the trip and come back home with beautiful memories. 

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Reaching the island and traveling around 

Harbour Island lies 1.75 miles off Eleuthera Island’s Eastern Coast in the Bahamas. Also, don’t confuse the same with Harbor Island in Tampa, Florida. Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a small island popular for its pink sand beaches, beautiful & bright sun, and pristine water. While reaching the island, you will love every part of this island, and you will crave to travel here more often. 

But you should rather know the suitable way to reach here and travel inside the island. Out of all ways, the easiest one is via air. You can fly down to the North Airport of Eleuthera, connecting through either Miami or Nassau. Or, you can reach Nassau and book a Harbour Island Boat Charter to take you to the prominent beaches and make you enjoy the travel on the waters. 

Inside the island, you can travel through golf carts which will make the exploration fun. These carts are a unique and environment-friendly way to navigate within the island. 

Quench Your Hunger At Best Restaurants On Harbour Island

Harbour Island’s food culture is diversely affected by Caribbean countries like France, the USA, Great Britain, and African countries. But this isn’t all. The food choices also have viable options, including popular foods from Japan, China, and Europe. All these options are well-served throughout the island and also on the Harbour Island Yacht Rental

All you have to do is consult with the yacht rental company and tell them your food choices in advance. A reliable company like Yacht Charters Nassau takes care of the food choices of their clients and provides them the best of services. You can share with them your preferences about spicy and non-spicy food and get served what you find the best for you. 

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Overall, the food of Harbour Island is not that spicy. However, they still add some of their regional spices to bring in flavors to the food. One of the popular dishes there is Conques that is a type of sea slug. Neither is it exotic meat nor a commoner’s food. Mostly, the locals prefer to eat the main course with a variety of salads, broths, and soups. You can order your slug with carrots, pepper, potatoes, and other vegetables of your choice. 

But, sea slug is not what you should focus on. You also have Bahamian Lobster on the menu. But it would be best if you only tried the lobsters during April and August months. This seafood must be cooked with local spices, curry sauce, and coconut meat. Other than that, you have a variety of fishes to try, like Redfish, Red Grouper, local shrimps, etc. 

Things to do in Harbour Island during the winter trip

  • Walk around the pink sand beaches

This beach is the most popular attraction of Harbour Island that is 55miles away from Nassau. Tourists come here especially for attention-grabbing scenery and beautiful photos. In fact, this beach is one of the most popular destinations for celebrities who are everyday vacationers here. So, plan an ecstatic day out here and lay down in paradise to sunbathe and listen to the sparkling waters. 

  • Sail from Nassau to Staniel Cay

If your heart is slightly on the side of water travel, you can plan to hire a Harbour Island Boat Rental from Nassau to Staniel Cay. You will need to hire a boat rental from Harbour Island to Nassau to Staniel Cay. This itinerary is a one-day trip that introduces you to wilderness and excitement at the same time. 

You spend quality time being secluded from the rest of the world for some time. You may even ask your captain to find the best anchorage point to stay overnight and watch the starry sky with your loved ones. 

  • Explore the local art in Princess Street Gallery

People find this place extraordinary for its local arts and traditional practices. You can bring your golf cart here and drive around the whole area. If you feel tired driving the cart throughout the area, you can escape the sun and get indoors in the street.

The gallery showcases diverse art forms, including portraits, paintings, photography, and personalized jewelry. 

  • Be happy in the happy neighborhood of Dunmore Town

Dunmore Town, the happy neighborhood, is the capital of the Bahamas. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Harbour Island, Bahamas, that is famous for its pink-sand beaches with turquoise water. The stretch is very captivating, and thus, tourists prefer to come here back to back. 

The best part about the Dunmore Town beaches is immaculately kept clean and free from seaweed. All tourists who visit here go back with a happy heart and mind. 

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