Fathers are real-life heroes who toil day and night to make a better future for their families. Throughout their life till retirement, they keep their kids as an utmost priority.

For such fathers, getting to retire is an emotional event. After retirement, a new life starts where they have to bid goodbye to their job and live another life of a retired gentlemen. So, why don’t you prepare a memorable surprise or a surprise retirement party where your father can enjoy the day and happily bid goodbye to his official work life. 

Plan something exciting for the ‘Hero’ of your family

Organizing a small party at home or a 5-star hotel is a good idea but very mainstream. You should plan something different and unique for your father so that he could cherish the memories associated with the event.

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But! What is a good idea for an extravagant retirement party?

Party at on a yacht……………..

You can plan a lavish party on a yacht in Exumas. You will find plenty of reliable Exumas Yacht Rental services, including Yacht Charters Nassau to count for the day. We provide the best rentals and party packages for retirement parties. All you have to do is contact us with an ample amount of time in hand so that we can skillfully plan the enjoyable journey with the necessary inventories. However, we are also up for last-minute booking, given that we don’t have pre-booked events or excursions.

For a detailed guide, here is how you should plan your father’s retirement party on Exumas Yacht Charter

Guide for planning the retirement party 

  • Plan a bit early 

Early planning is the key to success! It reduces the last moment hassle and helps you to stay ahead of time. In the case of planning a retirement party on a yacht in Exumas, early planning will help. 

So, take at least 6-month time in hand so that even a last-minute change can be overcome with the backup plan. Also, booking an Exumas Boat Charter 6-month prior to the party will cost you less as compared to the last-moment booking. 

  • Contact to Yacht Charters Nassau

As you have decided to throw a surprise retirement party for your day on a yacht, you need to talk to a yacht agency in Exumas Island about your plan. You can contact their professionals and put up your queries for clarification. 

In case you don’t want to go through the hectic process of scrutinizing and choosing the best yacht services, you should straight come to Yacht Charters Nassau.

We have a plethora of retirement party ideas to meet your budget and entertainment goals. Also, our fleet has the best yachts and catamarans in Nassau. You can choose one according to the days and number of guests at the party. 

  • Brief your party plan and requirements

As you communicate with us regarding your party plans, make sure you mention every detail with us. We will arrange everything for you, including food menu options, dance floor, DJ or Band, cocktails, and accommodations. 

We can also arrange professional photographers and videographers to capture the whole celebration of the deck. 

  • Tell us the guest list and their likes & dislikes

Well, a party is nothing without a guest list. So, plan your guest list wisely and tell us accordingly. Whether you wish to invite your father’s close friends, office colleagues, or some close family members, touch base with the charter representative to make sure there is adequate space on board. 

As our particular fleet can afford only the given number of people on board, you will need to have extra time to add and remove people from your guest list. 

  • Convey your guests properly about the venue

Keep the guest tuned in for the event so that they do not cancel their presence at the last moment. 

Also, a early notice will help them plan out their obligations to mark their presence at the party. 

  • Plan about utilizing the deck area

You will get ample space on deck to utilize during the party. With our team of Yacht Charters Nassauyou can use the space to create a dining area, ballroom, etc. We would also provide you professional decorator to create a majestic space out of the yacht. 

  • Don’t miss the water activities

Your father’s retirement party is going to be organized on a yacht sailing amid the water. There is no chance to keep water sports out of the things-to-do lists. 

Our staff on Exumas Boat Rental will help you locate the best swimming spots, deep-sea diving spots, and deep-sea fishing spots if you wish to add these activities to your itinerary. 

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The final put Retirement parties don’t have to be mundane and boring. You can plan it differently to make it a memorable event of his life. In this task, Yacht Charters Nassau and the team will help you achieve the ultimate retirement party goals. For more information, send your queries to get an instant response. 

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