The Bahamas is an all-time favorite destination for families as well as individuals or group travelers. They love sailing in the crystal clear water and enjoying sunbathing on the deck of a boat charter Bahamas

Unfortunately, often they feel overwhelmed by the multiple options available for chartering. Among various options of yacht charters Bahamasit is important that you choose wisely because it can either impact your trip positively or negatively.

Therefore, if you are a family traveling to the Bahamas for some quality time and fun, opt for Catamarans. There are phenomenal catamaran options ranging from 40 to 85 FT and cater to any size group. You can contact YachtChartersNassau in the Bahamas to make all of the necessary arrangements. 

If you are still unsettled about the selection, then read the advantages associated with catamarans. 

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Why choose a catamaran for a family vacation in the Bahamas?

As compared to vessels like Monohulls, Catamarans have undue advantages. Some of them are explained below: 

Space is big

Catamarans are more spacious with a salon, cabin, cockpit, and galley aboard. Even with playful kids, you can easily entertain them with various things to do in the given space. Eat, relax, sleep and spend your days comfortably on a catamaran with your family. 

  • Catamarans are luxurious

The aesthetics and overall design of catamarans are luxurious. You can sunbathe on the trampoline and enjoy family lounging under the moonlight with loved ones by your side. 

  • Motion is felt a little less

Catamarans are great for families, you don’t feel motion as much as in other boats. In fact, you hardly feel the current due to the vessel being so high off the water.

  • A steady and smooth sail

Catamarans among boat rental Bahamas services are famous for their smooth and steady sail. For families with small babies and older adults on board, catamarans are the smoothest. No jerk and wave effects are felt as in other boats. Catamarans do not heal the way other boats do. No need to tie up your belongings. Everything stays put even when the waters are shaky.

  • Privacy is well-kept

With more space and standup headroom in cabins, catamarans are very spacious with well-kept privacy. Which is great if you are wanting to pair up with multiple families.

  • Visibility and ventilation go hand-in-hand

As the catamarans stay afloat above the waterline, you get to enjoy excellent visibility and ventilation even if you are in the salon, galley, or cockpit.

  • Faster and speedy

Catamarans without a heavy lead keel underneath are faster and speedy. They are supposed to reach the upwind destination on time. They can even take a 360-degree turn without much effort. Travelers with a keen wish to hire yacht rental Bahamas often go with Catamarans because of this quality.

  • Always safe while sailing

Catamarans have buoyancy inbuilt to stay afloat even if somebody has dug a hole in it. No need to fear about sinking in the water.

  • Good maneuverability

If you choose a catamaran with two engines, you will get excellent maneuverability with it. Sailors find it easy to dock and make 360 degrees turns flawlessly when needed. For travelers who want to stay near the beach, choosing a catamaran as a private boat charter Bahamas is a good option. 

So, with all the benefits catamarans have for their travelers, you should definitely look to book one while on your trip in the Bahamas. You can contact to hire an 80′ luxury Catamaran or any other size range to fit your group.

About 80′ luxury Catamaran

  • Accommodates 55 passengers onboard
  • Entertainment and Wi-Fi availability
  • Delicious food options available
  • Water toys available like Jet Ski, Trampoline, Water Tube, Paddleboards, Kayaks, Snorkeling equipment, Water treadmills, etc.
  • Open Bar available
  • Luxurious infrastructure
  • Eye-soothing aesthetics

What are you waiting for? If you are planning for Nassau, Bahamas, book your boat charter from YachtChartersNassau and stay ahead of time!!

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