The Bahamas has always been one of the top beach destinations for many travelers. It surprises visitors with plenty of islands and beaches to explore.

One of the most popular islands in the Bahamas is Harbour Island, or Briland, as the locals call it. According to travelers and locales, Harbour Island is a great place to stop if you’re staying in Nassau or travelling to the Exumas. Its photogenic surrounding and pink sand beaches make it a unique and stunning location.

The island is also popular for its colonial houses, French bistros, golf carts, flat fishingand boat rentals. 

The trip to Harbour Island is incomplete without boat rental

If you wish to get the most out of this beautiful and scenic island, then you will have to book a Harbour Island Boat RentalJust make sure the boat rental agency is a reputablecompany so that you have ease of booking and comfort while on-board. 

While chartering Harbour Island Yacht Rentalwe recommend you read the following blog about “Yacht Etiquettes”.

The tips to enhance your yacht riding experience 

  • Explain your preferences thoroughly

When you book a Harbour Island Boat Charteryou are asked about your preferences. The charter consultant will include a form asking about the complete details about the food you eat, the degree of privacy required, stops for nightlife, etc. With all the details in hand, captain and crew plan accordingly because everything needs to be purchased before your departure

  • Keep chatting with the captain throughout the ride

When you are on the charter, we highly recommend you get to know your captain. This way, you will beak ice between you two and have good communication throughout the journey. Good communication with your captain will motivate him to show you the best of the island, including hidden reefs, beaches, or undiscovered places.

  • Have a good relationship with the crew

Harbour Island Yacht Charter crew members are well trained and are extremely intentiveto your needs. They are well trained to take good care of your personal preferences and food desires. Feel free to talk to them about your preferences and have a good – open communication with them through out your charter.

  • Be courteous to the Yacht owner

You must adhere to the safety policies of the deck and remain cautious while moving around the vessel.  

  • Always have a plan A and a plan B

Yacht itinerary are prepared previous to your departure but they are always subject to change depending on weather and timing. Your captain is extremely knowledgeable in regards to these locations, take his word for it if the itinerary needs to be moved around.

  • Follow the barefoot rule while boarding a yacht

Many expensive yachts have a barefoot rule while walking on deck. Either you must adhere to the rule or ask the captain before heading on the deck. High heels and shoes are prohibited in certain areas. Any damage or mark may cause you some extra payment. 

  • Follow what crew member or captain says

The overall safety of the yacht and people on-board are the responsibility of captain and crew. Therefore, you must listen to them and allow them to make decisions with your safety in mind.

With these tips, you will have a remarkable journey while traveling in Harbour Island.

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