Are you planning a yacht charter holiday in the Bahamas? 

This place will make you fall head over heels because of its beautiful sunny weather and adventurous sights while sailing through the Exuma Cays. 

But, as you have so much to see and do in Exumas, Bahamas, planning an Exumas Yacht Charter could be a highly overwhelming task for you. 

Don’t worry!

Being the best company for Exumas Boat Charter, we have got you covered. Here we present you with all the necessary infomration about sailing the Exuma Cays. At YachtChartersNassau, we take care of your needs and give you the best value for your money. 

The complete guide starts here – Exuma Cays

If you have chosen Exumas for your sailing expedition, you will numerous reasons, but did you know that Exumas Islands has 365 stunning and uninhabited cays?

Sailing the Exuma Islands is a complete adventure because you get to be part of the world’s largest marine parks with exotic marine life. You can also spot wildlife, migratory birds, and swimming pigs while exploring this stunning land. 

The weather remains favorable throughout the year

Exumas Islands have some of the best beaches which can be busy year around. Technically speaking, these islands have a warm climate around the year, with August as their hottest month. During August, the temperature can reach up to 29 degrees Celsius. 

In fact, winters here are not that cold, measuring the lowest temperature of 21 degrees Celsius in January. According to locals, it’s not that cold, but many voyagers may find it chilly while sailing during the nighttime. 

To sum it all up, you can plan your sailing expedition in Exuma Islands throughout the year. Given that, the duration between October and April months are the most liked and busy seasons.

The sailing conditions on the waters 

Exumas offers calmer waters as compared to its neighboring archipelagoes. Its aesthetic placement at Great Bahamas’ eastern edge provides shallower and calmer waters inside the island chain than the east side, where waters are deeper with occasional high tides due to open seas. 

An experienced captain will make the yacht charter a cakewalk, given that he would be a local with great knowledge of the surroundings and waters.

The list of places to stop for anchorage 

1. Compass Cay

This Cay is famous for its seawater Jacuzzi and the ability to snorkel with nurse sharks here. Clients stop here for a heart-throbbing experience with friendly sharks and Rachel’s Bubble Bath. You can also go to the Rocky Dundas sea cave if you sail West of Cay. It is famous for its colorful walls painted with minerals seeping out of the cave’s rocks.  

2. Big Major City

Big Major Cay, synonymous with Pig Beach, is one of the famous anchorage points among voyagers for its swimming pig. As the legend has it, pigs on this island were left by merchants who had the intention of killing them. However, they never returned, leaving these pigs capable of swimming and swirling in waters to get their food.

3. Wardericks Well 

If you seek recreation and relaxation, Wardericks Well should be your first priority. The island boasts scenic spots, mooring fields, and great swimming / snorkeling spots. You can head toward the loyalist Planation’s ruins by following the Wall Trail. The Ruins offer a stunning panoramic site.

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Hiring yacht charter in Exumas

As you have planned a sailing expedition, you will require an Exumas Yacht Rental with a highly skilled captain, skipper and staff. Meeting these prerequisites in Exumas is a frisky task if you haven’t contacted YachtChartersNassau. They have power catamarans, monohull yachts, and many other luxurious yachts. 

You can contact us anytime to get your Exumas Boat Rental booked with us! We have fleet details mentioned on our official website. Suit yourself with the perfect yacht for your Exumas sailing expedition!!!

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